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Care Planning

What is Care Planning?

Our Care Planning process ensures comprehensive care plans that are easy to keep updated and in sync, whilst saving you time.

With an electronic care plan, Care plans can be accessed by multiple people at the same time. The information is just as secure but able to be accessed by every care worker easily from within the Care App on their handheld device. As care plans are no longer locked in cupboards, staff can update or remind themselves of residents’ needs and person-centred care requirements at any time.

Key benefits of Care Planning

  • Up-to-date care plans are at people’s fingertips at all times
  • Risks are identified and flagged throughout the care planning process
  • Important information is automatically fed between risk assessments, initial assessment and care plans
  • Evidence of care feeds into care plans so all staff knowledge involved in reviewing care
  • Comprehensive review process and alerts to update assessment and care plans
  • Compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Care plans able to be consented to electronically by relatives with power of attorney

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How does Care Planning solve problems in care homes?

Person-centred care plans are simple to create

Care plans can be personalised for each service user, with any additional information simple to add at any point. Comprehensive assessments prompt staff to fill in as much detailed information as they know about a resident, and will update in every place the care plan is accessed from automatically.

Risk assessments and critical care information kept in sync

Our assessment tools can auto-create the care plan based upon any identified needs in the assessments. All care needs known about a person are always consistent throughout the care plan and all risks identified in the assessments are known in the care plans. In short, we provide consistency and remove the risk of missing out on a person’s needs when delivering care.

Easily monitor effectiveness of care plans

Care planning, used in conjunction with evidence of care, helps to identify whether the care plans are helping to achieve the intended outcomes. Care interventions are tracked against the care plan to show how effective the care plan is.

Automatic alerts for reviewing care plans

All aspects of care planning have review cycles and the system highlights when anything needs to be addressed or reviewed with clear icons and reports.

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