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Barton Lodge


We have been delighted with the service and expertise offered by the iCare Services team and their exceptional partnership with us in digitalizing our care services.

The outcomes have been an absolute game-changer for our organization, revolutionizing the way we operate and providing us with numerous benefits.

From the moment we began collaborating, we experienced a series of wow moments that truly highlighted the incredible impact of iCare Services. The ease of implementation and adoption allowed our staff to quickly adapt, leading to increased efficiency and productivity across the board.

The operational efficiency achieved through iCare Services has been nothing short of remarkable. With the digitization of our care processes, we have experienced streamlined workflows, reduced paperwork, and improved communication among our team members. Tasks that once required excessive time and effort can now be accomplished with a few clicks, freeing up our staff to focus more on delivering quality care to our residents. This newfound efficiency has allowed us to optimize our resources and allocate them where they are most needed, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of care we provide.

One of the most significant outcomes of our partnership has been the positive impact on our occupancy rates. The introduction of new features that facilitate effective resident management, including real-time bed availability tracking, streamlined admissions processes, and improved resident communication.

By leveraging these capabilities, we have successfully increased our occupancy rates, ensuring that our beds are consistently filled.

Furthermore, the return on investment (ROI) we have experienced with iCare Services has been truly first class. The cost savings achieved through reduced administrative tasks, paperless documentation, and optimized resource allocation have allowed us to reallocate our financial resources to other crucial areas of our organization. This has not only resulted in enhanced resident care but also positioned us as a financially stable and forward-thinking care provider within our industry.

iCare Services have surpassed our expectations, providing us with a digital care solutions that has transformed our operations, improved our occupancy rates, and delivered an outstanding ROI. Their expertise, dedication, and ongoing support have been instrumental in our success. We wholeheartedly recommend iCare Services to any care provider seeking to embrace the future of digital care and elevate their organization to new heights of excellence.

Woodley Grange


I have found the system to be exceptional.

The visual graphics with the percentages and comparison to local homes are my favourite feature. I also like that it enables us to quickly see where you’ve improved since last year.

I absolutely love the way in which the information is presented and the layout of the report is very good.

The action plan is also a favourite of mine and I am certainly very happy to continue using this system moving forward. I believe it’s easy to use and to read as well as, very good overall.

Hampshire Care


I have been working with iCare for many years and have found them to be very engaging, supportive and trustworthy in providing us with excellent customer service, along with specific guidance and training relevant for our business.

They are flexible and friendly and always ready to help and respond quickly to any queries and guide us in the right direction to resolve any IT matters.

Ashefields Care Home


I am writing on behalf of Ashefields Care Home in Etwall, Derbyshire to express our heartfelt gratitude to iCare Services. We recently embarked on a digital transformation journey to enhance the quality of care we provide to our residents, and iCare has been an invaluable partner throughout this process.

One of the key milestones of our transformation was securing the necessary funding to support our digital initiatives. With iCare’s expertise and guidance and their excellent reputation in the sector, we were able to successfully secure a grant of £12,800. This funding will play a pivotal role in enabling us to implement cutting-edge technology and digital solutions that will significantly improve the way we deliver care.

iCare Services not only helped us secure the funding but also provided invaluable insights and support throughout our digital transformation journey. Their team’s dedication, expertise, and commitment to our success were truly commendable.

Thanks to iCare Services, we have been able to embrace technology in a way that has not only will enhance our operational efficiency but, most importantly, will improved the quality of life for our residents. We are now better equipped to further improve on personalised care and support, ensuring the well-being and happiness of those we serve.

We wholeheartedly recommend iCare Services to any care home or organisation embarking on their digital transformation journey with ongoing support. Their knowledge, and unwavering support have been instrumental in our success based on their ability to leverage from their strong working relationships within the care sector. We look forward to continuing our partnership with iCare.

Clear Pathway Care


5 years ago we started a supported living care company, Clear Pathway Care. We wanted to invest in the best possible technology to help our staff fulfil their role. We quickly identified that an electronic tool to track service users activities, food and fluid intake along with a way to track and identify trends with incidents and accidents was going to be a priority.

We considered various options but were immediately impressed with PCS’s iCare system, after a brief demonstration from Anish. Not only did the platform give us all of the options that were a priority when supporting our service users, but also the flexibility with the way the licensing works was very appealing to a small company with big plans for expansion, as scaling to add more homes couldn’t be simpler.

Once trained our staff are able to enter time and date stamped records quickly and accurately. The back office tool then enables us to extrapolate this data into useful graphs and charts, allowing us to easily identifying strengths and weaknesses in our staff team and the approaches we use to support the various individuals in our care.

We are able to produce reports on a wide variety of information for our regular meetings with local authorities, healthcare professionals, family members and commissioning officers.

When we have required additional support I have always received a swift and professional response enabling us to minimise any interruption to our service. We also receive regular updates about future updates and changes that are planned.

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with iCare and are confident we will be using this system for a long time to come.

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