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Funding your digital development

We understand that securing funding for digital development and investment in the care sector can be a complex and challenging process.

We are here to support you every step of the way:

  • Guiding you through the funding journey maze.
  • Assisting you to unlock financial resources to help you access a new digital solutions.

ICS funding opportunities

As a leading independent partner for care providers seeking innovation, we have established strong partnerships with Integrated Care Systems (ICS) and other healthcare authorities.

  • These relationships provide us with unique insights into funding opportunities.
  • Our team stays up to date with the latest funding programs and initiatives.
  • We ensure you won’t miss the chance to secure the financial support you need.

Navigating the application process

Securing funding often involves a rigorous application process, requiring careful planning and attention to detail. Our experienced team will be by your side providing expertise throughout the application process.

  • Preparing compelling proposals.
  • Highlighting the potential impact of digital development.
  • Ensuring your funding application stands out and maximises your chances of success.

Demonstrating the value of digital investment

Our support doesn’t end with securing funding. As your dedicated partner, we help you track and measure the impact of your digital investment.

  • By demonstrating the value of technology in improving resident care.
  • Improving staff efficiency and overall operational outcomes.
  • With data-driven insights and performance metrics, we empower you to showcase the positive results of your digital journey.

Real World Benefits


Annual cost savings on Staff Rostering


Increase in Staff Retention


Faster Billing and Invoicing Processes

Which tools will help you improve efficiencies,
reduce stress and boost profitability in your care home? 

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Which tools will help you improve efficiencies,
reduce stress and boost profitability in your care home?