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Care App

Our Care App is used by carers to evidence care for
service users.

What is Care App?

The Care App is specifically designed to give carers more time to spend with service users

As daily records are written with a few taps on the device, the entire shift can be spent delivering care.

With less paperwork to complete, care staff are under less pressure and service users receive a better quality of care.

Key benefits of Care App

  • Easy-to-use
  • Increases staff morale
  • Saves each carer an hour a day on paperwork
  • Increases volume of care records
  • Gives carers and nurses all the information they need at their fingertips at point of care
  • Designed with non-native speakers of English, dyslexic, and non-IT literate people in mind
  • Removes the need to chase care and nursing staff
  • Secure log in and care notes can not be voided by the person who entered them or be entered retrospectively

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Care App FAQs

Information at the point of care

The Care App gives carers and nurses with everything they need to know about residents at the point of care. Rather than having care plans, assessment and important charts and reports out of sight in paper folders or locked in offices, the Care App gives staff all the information they need at their fingertips to provide safe, and person-centred care.

Timely evidence

Evidencing on the Care App saves each member of staff an hour per shift, which previously would have been spent on paperwork. Carers and nurses evidence care at the point of care, which increases the volume and accuracy of care records. Every electronic record is automatically populated on the charts and reports that it relates to. This helps to ensure that care homes have robust, accurate care records at all times.

More time with service users

The hour a day that every member of care staff saves on paperwork and administration is time that can be spent with service users. Engaging residents in conversation and activities contributes to providing person-centred, responsive care. Having time to build strong relationships is key to caring for people.

Improved communication

Flags indicate if important actions are overdue, which ensures that critical care interventions are not missed. Care staff can see exactly what happened before they came on shift, read the shift handover notes and indicate that they have read them, and communicate anything important straight to the rest of the team and the shift manager. This contributes to improved communication among staff and gives better visibility of the care that service users require, especially if their needs change rapidly.

Yes. Our Care App is suitable for all residential social care providers and is in use at hundreds of dementia, nursing, residential, learning disability and mental health providers across the UK. Mobile Care Monitoring is scalable for care home groups, and delivers just as many benefits to single site care homes.

A reliable WiFi connection and download speed of 2 Mbps or above is the only necessity to run the Care App.

You are free to source and support your own devices to run the Care App, but we know it can be a headache to make the right choice, so we have just the solution for you!

The ideal solution for use with the Care App is the Samsung XCover 4.

Buy your Samsung XCover 4 devices directly from us and benefit from:

  • Replaceable battery meaning your devices should last longer
  • Tough enough for the care environment you work in – durable, robust & protected from water and dust
  • Exceptional clarity with a 5” inch display
  • Increase security and control with Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Not sure or unsatisfied? Utilise our Buy-Back facility (applies for up to 12 months)
  • We’ll support you with any troubleshooting
  • Includes key reel
  • Charging racks supplied
  • Free delivery within the U.K

Your data is safe as we store it with the most secure platform in the world. To comply with the EU data protection derivative, we host your data at Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing platform, in two European Data centres, meeting all 28 nation states data piracy laws.

Setting up the system requires inputting no more than a few pieces of information for staff and service users. Service users are placed into any number of totally flexible communities, onto which is overlaid comprehensive staff-based security, ensuring people can only see the individuals they should. Mobile Care Monitoring is only available to authorised users via a username and password so it is easy to see who has delivered care and no one can impersonate anyone else.

You are responsible for authorising staff, relatives and other agencies to access the data, using the system to control access. Care notes can only be voided by people with the correct security access, they cannot be entered retrospectively or voided by the person who entered them.

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