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Group Reporting

A simple and effective trend analysis tool for effective staff management across a group.

What is Group Reporting?

Group Reporting is used by senior staff to audit the quality of care within each location of a care group.

Group reporting is a feature upgrade to Care Monitoring and provides site to site comparative data about the inner workings of care within each site.

Key benefits of Group Reporting

  • Reduction of safeguarding alerts
  • Management problems quickly identifiable
  • Confidence for CQC inspections
  • Enables well-led and responsive care
  • Care quality in groups easily auditable by senior managers
  • Gives valuable insights into how care quality can be improved

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How does the Group Reporting help with care?

Simple and effective trend analysis

Group Reporting gives management staff simple and effective trend analysis to highlight issues across a group, with the ability to drill down into the data to individual service user level within each location.

Ensures that sites are always compliant

Management staff can monitor data for compliance, occupancy, and safeguarding, alerting them to any deficiencies and providing information for long term resolutions. The ability to look at retrospective information ensures that sites are always compliant, giving staff confidence for CQC inspections.

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